Return of the Static Site

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Writing is tough

Four years ago, I started this website as a way to play with some new tech, and motivate me to write more. Looking at my post history, it is pretty clear I only achieved one of those goals! I had grand visions of a thriving tech blog, with regular content derived from my day job as a software engineer, and night job as a curious nerd on the full stack journey.

Following an internal retrospective, I determined that instead of the vision alone, I needed to develop a habit of writing. I was motivated by Levi Lusko’s recent sermon on finding victory through the repetition of small things continually. He mentioned the book Mini Habits, and the power of creating small measurable habits instead of large “fuzzy” ones like, “eat healthier”, or “write more.” The message resonated with me, and I am determined to create a mini habit out of this blog:

Publish one blog post per month

Still a challenge based on my track record, but small enough that I think it is easy. The barrier to initiate is low. I’m not shooting for one blog post a day, or week, or bi-weekly, I’m going 28–31 days to come up with something. What about length? If shorter than a seven minute read, no worries, the point is developing a habit.

Knowing me, I’ll crank out some posts the first month, hit a nice multi-month streak off the bat, then stagnate. If I do miss one month though, instead of dwelling on the snapped streak, I’ll start prepping for the next month and counter back.

Stay tuned for the technical side on what I did to get the site updated and dressed in a snazzy new theme.

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